Warren Baynes’ directing interests are born from a curiosity about people and their relationship to each other and the world around them. Raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Warren has travelled the globe, photographing in Africa, Europe, South East Asia, Australia and North America. Although he loves to travel, Warren is a not a travel photographer.

Warrens’ street photography approach creates vibrant and occasionally complex compositions of serendipitous moments, often create vignettes around cultural events. International agencies and art directors have relied on his adventurous temperament to create brave and emotive imagery for campaigns across Europe and Southern Africa.

Selects works include: Mundipharma, Betadine, Woolite, Rexona, 3 Mobile, Pharma Dynamics, Vivid, Relay Jeans, PE Nation, Vans, Supreme, Nike, Speedo, Maxed amongst others. 

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