At the core of my work is a desire to inspire through entertainment and to create quality content across all platforms. Building upon today’s online communication channels, I want to champion the sharing of  knowledge to further develop our understanding of what it means to be human and our place in the natural environment is its broadest sense. I relish capturing images that hold a mirror back at us and reflect universal nuances. In the end, I’m motivated by story-telling that aims at building relationships and furthering compassion within a global society. The objective is always to work towards a single goal to target audiences and extend our influence and reach. 

I currently work as a  photographer and videographer in my home town of Cape Town, South Africa. 


Inspired by the reportage and street photographers who came before me, my work is characterised by off-beat moments of real life, aiming to capture images that feel authentic and unscripted. My body of work spans across sub-culture lifestyles, travel, sports, fashion and advertising. 

But it's not all seriousness - the human experience is a divine comedy.


My growing interest as a videographer comes from the ability to interlace multi-dimensional elements into a single experience. I'm experimenting with narrative and non-narrative story-telling. 

My latest project combines story-telling and visual poetry in a single-take sequence, merging visceral camera movements with sound elements. These interlaced journeys serve as a reminder of the beauty of the natural world and our daily practises that connect us to spirituality and creativity. 


Tools, tips and insights that will inspire and motivate to make photographs.

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