I wasn't particularly interested in anything other than surfing growing up,  but I always knew I wanted to travel after school. I refused to own a cellphone while I travelled, not being connected or distracted lead to very spontaneous opportunities and encounters along the road. Observing the world, day-dreaming or reading books was how I passed time on voyages.  Things have changed now; now I own a cellphone and use it regularly to get around.  

My observations started getting recorded with a camera. The subjects of my pictures are real people filled with real emotions.

Commercial clients trust me to delivery authentic images with interesting compositions, used for advertising and promotion use across South Africa and Europe. The goal is always to create an environment that allows for freedom of expression, creativity and off-the-cuff moments. My calm demeanour and positive attitude has made me a regular of TV commercial sets, shooting still campaigns in the confines of a tight budget. 

With the changing of how media is consumed, I'm following the trend of motion picture, focusing on writing, researching and creating films. I still draw inspiration from the ocean but surf a lot less. I've developed an interest for Jiu Jitsu and being on the mats takes up my free time. 

If you want to get in touch, you can reach on my cellphone, you'll find the number below. 

SELECTED CLIENTS: 3 mobile, auxmoney, betadine, rexona, markhams, mr d, red bull
CONTACT: +2772 153 1869     
EMAIL: studio@warrenbaynes.com
SA REPRESENTATION:Bird on a Wire Creative Management 

Martin Reed
Creative Director

"Shooting stills as part of a live action shoot can be tricky in my experience, but Warren was ready for anything. Our campaign took us up mountains, inside skyscrapers and in family back yards and he was comfortable in all settings. I felt confident that he understood my brief and was able to capture both the more orchestrated setups and off-the-cuff moments with ease. Ours was a technically challenging shoot with many setups requiring Warren to deal with existing lighting but he commanded the space and the talent perfectly and my client and I are delighted with the results." 

Anja Teufel
Cyclone Films

"Photographer Warren Baynes shot with us on a stills campaign on the back of TVC in April 2022.This was for a German credit bank called Auxmoney.

The client had chosen him amongst many photographers due to his convincing portfolio. He is an experienced photographer and understands the pressure of a film set. 

He conducts his work effortlessly and in a professional manner, the client was very happy with the quality of his images.

Warren is fun to work with, besides his photographic skills, he is very accommodating and flexible."

Kerry Macdonald
Executive Producer

"I worked with Warren on a multi-day campaign shoot for a global pharmaceutical company. The campaign included multiple deliverables across digital, print, video and social and we also chose to combine the photography and moving image shoot. 

The campaign covered two completely different brands which required two sets of creative, multiple cast, different styling, and a number of locations, activities and set-ups. There were obvious challenges, mostly around the activities, talent and locations, not to mention the tight schedules for photography and moving image. Warren proved to be the best photographer for us in this situation. 

He has the ability to remain calm and engaged in the most challenging of situations - whether it was shooting with young children on skateboards, or dangling off a cliff-face shooting an action shot of a rock climber - Warren was on it! Warren is not only an amazing creative photographer, but he is also loads of fun and an absolute pleasure to work with. It makes a difference when working under pressure to have someone you can trust, but to also lighten the mood. My ECD and I were 100% confident that Warren would not only get the shot, but we also knew he would deliver beyond expectations, and with a smile. I can't wait to work with him again."

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