Strongly influenced by surfing and travelling, and preferring a reportage type approach, my photography looks to connect people with place in a singular and visually exciting way. A strong believer that personal projects foster individual creativity, my work lives in the realm for exhibition halls and in the marketing realm for large South African and European brands.

b. 1984, Cape Town, South Africa.  Represented by Bird on a Wire creative agency 


Mundipharma, 3 Mobile, Vivid Vapes, Woolite, Markham, Pharma Dynamics, Tchibo, Rexona, Slum Dwellers international, Riah Swimwear


July 2018. Ebony Gallery, Fraschoek. Group Show.
Unorthodox:Prison Boxing 

Date, 2018. Ebony Gallery, Cape Town. Group Show.
Unorthodox:Prison Boxing 

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