Lifestyle photography is not about the “hard sell”, it’s about building meaningful relationships with customers and identifying how your product can solve their problems. The objective should be to build a community based on trust through shared value systems, not just to look for opportunities to move product. Creating a relatable brand message is crucial to capturing people’s imagination online and building a community of trust and support.

Visual content must be aspirational and vibrant - it should be about ignite curiosity! Low quality, ill-thought out images can be more of a hindrance than do any good - this can send prospective customers the wrong message and do little to build a brand’s reputation.It’s more than just showcasing the product: it represents what a brand stands for, it’s morals and values, and delivers a clear message to its customers.


It is photography that uses engaging storytelling techniques to communicate a brand message. This message should be consistent with its customers values and offer a path to creating the lifestyle that the customer wants.  These visual cues should work towards building a community of trust with the customer. 

Creating imagery that is visually compelling and aspirational is layered in character, story world and emotion.

  • Character

At the root of all great lifestyle photography shoots are the characters - they are family, friends or someone we recognise as part of the tribe. Having relatable characters creates a sense of familiarity between the brand and customer. 

  • Story World

Our characters need a world to inhabit. Rich and vibrant story worlds help create texture and depth, making the content feel more desirable. Brand specific lifestyle photography will build worlds their customers are familiar with in order to make it more relatable. 

  • Emotion

This isn’t about force feeding the viewer the product in the hope that it will convince a potential customer to sway. Rather focus on illustrating the reality in which your customer can relate to. Great campaigns focus on eliciting a visceral reaction from a viewer and gently integrating a brand message or call to action.

Creating memorable images that integrate character, story world and emotion can benefit your brand in a multitude of ways. 


Delivering messaging that is rich with character, story world and emotion isn’t just about telling compelling stories but will help give context to a brands’ identity. Well thought out imagery builds trust with customers and surrounds your brand with a supportive community that helps it grow. There are a few ways in which great lifestyle photography can help build your brand identity.

  • Gain Customer Support

We’re far more likely to take the word of a trusted friend or family member over a stranger. This is the same with brands: customers want to know that you support their morals and values. Clear cut lifestyle photography This trust has to be built of transparency and clear communication of values and ethos.

Communicating a brand’s values through lifestyle images helps build trust between brand and community. It’s more likely that a customer will suggest a brand they feel comfortable and safe with.

  • Create an Emotional Connection with Followers 

Great stories keep us engaged because they are relatable, engaging with customers on a deeper level. High quality imagery taps into emotional frequencies, connecting with customers on a visceral level. Drawing on human emotions like happiness, excitement and empathy all work to connect on to a greater cause.

  • Sell Lifestyle over Product 

With so many products and options on the market, what helps brands stand out is their ability to connect with the ideal lifestyle of their customers and help service that. Information rich imagery helps a brand stand out as an ambassador for an ideal lifestyle, building communities around shared commonalities. The products a brand sells helps get customers to the desired lifestyle. 

  • Illustrate Product Features 

Once a trusted relationship has been built, a brand can start to inform the customer on how the product helps to achieve an improved lifestyle. Integrating the product into visually rich imagery is the basis of professional photography.

  • Balance to Your Business Imagery

Inconsistencies in brand messaging cause a lack of trust amongst the community and leave customers feeling confused. A platform to be filled with lifeless products is boring and doesn’t communicate anything about a brand’s values. A balance of lifestyle and product images make a brand’s online platforms more compelling and relatable. 

Creating meaningful connections with customers is a mixture of understanding their needs, having a defined set of brand values and clearly communicating them across all platforms. Relying on overly polished advertisements won’t help sell a brand’s identity or products. 

Adapting professional lifestyle photography into your brands marketing plan is essential in connecting with current customers and reaching prospective customers and that’s what it has become so popular: it’s relatable and helps communicate a brand’s values in a way that builds community and trust. 

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