For 10 years Warren was the managing director of a waste management company that became one of the leading cleaning and recycling service providers in Cape Town. In that time Warren was also recognised as one of South Africa's top 100 young entrepreneurs by the Mail and Guardian. In February 2019, Warren stepped away from the company to pursue photography as a full-time career.

With a decade of business experience behind him, a self-developed understanding of photography, 6 years in the Cape Town photography production scene and two years as a commercial photographer, Warren is a motivated creative with an entrepreneurial spirit - which means he creates kick-ass imagery that embodies any clients brief.


Drawing inspiration from iconic street and documentary photography, Warren merges the decisive moment with commercial intent, delivering imagery that is authentic. Warren's approach to each job - both commercial and personal - involves meticulous planning. In the pre-production stages, treatments are written to include all facets of the shoot to ensure the brief is interpreted in the correct way and the end results fits the campaigns parameters.

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In the short time that he has been making pictures commercially, Warren has delivered work for brands like: 3 Mobile, Rexona, Vivid, Woolite and Markham; and worked with ad agencies from South Africa and Europe.

Warren is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, and is represented by Bird on a Wire creative agency.


Developing his photographic/directing career in a service-based industry like Cape Town, South Africa, Warren recognises the need for complete solutions. Combining his knowledge of business and marketing with photography and production, Warren has brought together a dynamic crew of creatives to deliver on ever aspect of a brief. 

This includes:

  • Production
  • Styling
  • Hair and Make up
  • Props and set design
  • Behind the scenes photographs and video
  • Alternative content


A story-teller at heart, Warren loves engaging with visual narrative and to help achieve a believable performance, he often stages scenes, builds scenarios and engages with models to help bring out genuine emotion and reactions. To help achieve this, Warren has worked to understand the pressures of delivering believable performances; he has achieved this by participating in acting courses as a subject and not a photographer/director. 

Warren is beginning his journey into film making. 

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